"How To Lose A Guy..." movie title font?

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Ok, don't mind the movie (i have only seen the poster on the cinema today) and I simple love the type used on the actors names and movie title. Anyone can identify it? Thankx.

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I can take a photo of the type if you need a larger sample... thankx.

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It could be Perpetua or Perpetua Titling.

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I've taken more samples from another image and their homepage. The flash on this site have replaced the poster font for another one, and they only used the CAPS for the title (probably gaven by the design company that made the poster in vectorial format - paths). Here's more 2 bigger samples, if that's not enough I'll go there and take a macro for you :-)

- the g tail is opened! Like http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/caxton-2 Caxton, but the M is too Wide..

- the "y" tail has a vertex

- the inside of "e" is is slanted if remember correctly.

Happy hunting! :-)

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It's really hard to figure out, Adriano.

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Although the uppercase indeed resembles Perpetua,
the lowercase 'a', 'g' and 'y' look very Usherwoodish.
Let me check...

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