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Which is your favorite logo?

Mine is unequivocal: Typeco.


beejay's picture has the most Impact.


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And then they say capitals are useless...

BTW, the other day (while in profound admiration of the use of Trajan* in the Victoria's Secret catalog...) I thought of a good example of the importance of UC:

The answer to the question "What is Victoria's [S/s]ecret?" could either be "a lingerie store" ** or "she's a guy" ***.

* Hey, it has a lowercase! What font is that? Latina?



**** Gotcha!


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I'm with you on typeco, Hrant -- though I kinda like Font Diner's logo.

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Laughing out loud, BJ. (I'm glad that I got your
joke because I was going to seriously question
your taste.)

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