Any must visit design/type related spots in Amsterdam?

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I'm visiting Amsterdam in a few weeks (and Paris, but I'm only going to be in Paris for a couple days), and I was wondering if anyone has reccommendations for places to visit to see cool design/type related stuff.


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You must go to Nijhoff & Lee, the best design bookshop in the world (that I've visited). Be sure to ask to see the antiquarian section also: this is upstairs and you'll find many gems.

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Thank you, I will definitely check that out.

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Also there is a great place for magazines on Spui. (that's a street or more like a square, you'll find it on the map...) + Just walk around. As in any city, there are gems everywhere. I've got a few Amsterdam pics on my site.
But why didn't I know about that bookstore...

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It's been a while since my last visit, but I believe Kenn is refering to Athenaeum Boekhandel a bookstore with a very good magazine section in the building next door. Also there used to be an antique book market on Spui too, I think it was on wednesdays but ask around. And, like John said, don't miss Nijhoff & Lee. They are responsible for a good part of my personal library :-)

- jdf

ps. are you going to be there for the Queen's Birthday? One of the craziest street-party weekends in the world!

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This isn't so much a typography/graphic design thing, but if you can make it over to Rotterdam for a day, a visit to the Kunsthal would be worth it. I'm sure the exhibits are great, but it's the building that's amazing - by Rem Koolhaas and OMA. They also did the Byzantium Building in Amsterdam and part of the urban planning for the Amsterdam-Noord ferry.

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Queen's Day is goddam amazing.


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I'll be there a bit after Queen's Day, but I'm definitely going to check out all these recomendations. Thanks!

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