Numerals font not showing in illustrator

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I'm having trouble installing a new font I've made. The font is numerals and certain other characters only - ie non-alphabetic. It generates ok from fontlab and shows up in MS applications, but won't show up at all in illustrator, even at the bottom of the list where all the non-latin fonts go. I've got other fonts without complete character sets (generated at some point in testing before all the glyphs are filled) that show up fine in illustrator, and I can't see anything different in the settings. Anybody got any ideas where I'm going wrong?

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Probably can't tell much without looking at the font.
Do you have all the correct default glyphs in the right places?
Are all the outlines correct (complete, correct direction, no overlaps or bad nodes)?
Unicodes correct?
OT Features correct?

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Fixed now. I think it was a problem with the supported Unicode ranges, as there are a lot of currency symbols which had triggered it to say Thai, Armenian, Cyrillic etc. supported. Changed it to just Latin and it works ok.

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