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Hi everyone,

this logo is meant for a small consultancy that does intercultural trainings, for example for Indian businessmen who come to Germany and want to understand people and culture.

The claim means "Global Mediators" and the logo consists of the first names of the two consultants. The visual idea is that of "connecting" cultures. However I already got the feedback that this metaphor is 1, recognized very hard and late visually and 2, that it is too abstract and theoretical.

The logo is based on an "Aller" but heavily modified. The claim is a "Andada".

What do you think?
Thanks for your feedback!

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Actually the two guys shaking hands seems to be working much better than I would have expected! To me it's the right degree of subtle. It just needs polish.

BTW I would avoid that Italic.


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> it is too abstract and theoretical

The image of two people shaking hands was immediately obvious to me. Letters have been used to represent people in logos for a long time. The "Families" logo below was designed over 30 years ago, and we still see the concept used a lot today.

If you're worried about people not recognizing it, one thought would be to use photos of shaking hands in some of the company's literature (although that image is a bit of a cliche).

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Thanks for your feedback! It's such a delight that the concept seems to work.

@hrant: Yes, the italic looks weird. I wonder what your ideas for polishing the logo would be. I would be thankful for any hint in this direction!

@JamesM: Thanks for the reference and the good idea to support the idea with other visuals.

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The polishing would require actual work, more than ideas.


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I have to admit I didn't see the two men shaking hands at first, but then I can be rather naive about these things. Now I've seen it I can't unsee it, and it's very clever. I find the icon to be aesthetically pleasing as well, and so is the color.

I'm personally still concerned that the concept is too subtle, but then I also wonder if the concept even has to be obvious. The icon is pleasant to look at. I guess I agree it just needs some polishing.

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