Type on football shirts

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i need your help , i need to know these name for.. and i would like to know where i can find them please...sample pic

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the blue Scholes (upper left) is a custom font
for Nike, i think.

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First at all, thank you very much you help me a lot, but still a have a doubt about the beckham, i tryed with your help, but that number 7 is a diferent font because is not a squished Verdana nor a squished Abadi can you help me with them ?

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The red Scholes in the upper right corner looks like
somebody squished a very heavy weight of Optima.

My first idea for the Beckham one was a squished
Abadi, but the crossbar of the 'A' is lower on the
shirt and the 'K' is all wrong. Maybe it simply is
a squished Verdana?

Shevchenko's may be a squished Serpentine, but
I can't make out on the scan if there are serifs.

BTW I hate it when people squish fonts...

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