Luc(as) de groot

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I'm a typography student at Bezalel academy of art and design. I'm despretly looking for any info/hints about a dutch tyopeface designer named Lucas De Groot. especialy any printed works by him (books/magazines whatever...).
so if anybody can help me...

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You'll find info on Luc at and at the Fontfabrik in Berlin, where Andrea might be able to give you a contact email-adress.

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>I`m typography teacher in Poland in Bielsko biala and I desperately >looking for nice contact with persons teaching and studying typography in >basel, because I wish visite this place in June during art fairs. I have a >firnd - painter she`s been living in Netherlands in Alkmaar close to >Amsterdaam you can ask her about Netherlands` >, regards Ewa Satalecka

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