Scream logo type / businesscard

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This is the businesscard for Scream, a Seattle barbershop

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The typography has a wondeful dynamic balance, but the initial "S" seems to need something.


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I think you might be right about the S. I little late now as they have a neon sign and printed promotionals. Ole

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Type modifications in progress.

Scream type.jpg

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I love the curiousity to explore the letterforms of a font out of the box. SuperDuper is really nice and most designers would have just settled, but you took it further. Kudos.

Flipping lc 'a' and 'e' as part of the exploration, reworking the uc 'R' and notching the lc 'e' is nice.

One letter pair that I liked that didn't make the cut was the original lc 'am' pairing. Very fluid.

using a '+' in cutz + buzz works well, too.


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One problem with the "S", especially in the versions where the top arm stretches across above the other characters, is that (to my eye) the resulting design reads as "CREAM" with a frame-like flourish rather than as the intended "SCREAM".

The rest of the design looks great, though. I especially like the font used for "cutz+buzz".


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