Looking for a good blank tshirt resource

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I know this isn't directly type related but I am looking for a good blank T-shirt company that carries all of the colors in the rainbow in infant sizes. I have looked all over the place and all I can find are cheesy pastels. I am looking for some good rich bold colors. Anyone have an idea? Please contact me : jeff@jeeto.com.

If I am able to work with a recommendation you have I will send you a canvas hot off the press from our company : http://www.jeeto.com. Ill sign it myself and make you all happy and stuff.

Thanks in advance!

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I used to use Broder Bothers when I did T-shirts. Always seemed reasonable to me...

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Thanks so far. American Apparel is kilelr but they only have white for infants and i think some pastels. Broder brothers is cool and I dig the colors they have but still need a variety like orange and green. Maybe the best thing to do is get a dyer for the aa whites... keep em coming if you have something. Thanks!

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Jeff, the Typophile Tees are from Murina. We've
been impressed with the quality of the color and
the Beefy-like cotton.

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