THE TIMES - What are the fonts used today?

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I'm looking to find out what are the headline and text faces currently in use in the printed version of The Times newspaper in the UK.

I know I probably should've already heard of this and I did read an article about the redesign not too long ago but now I can't seem to find out what they are, and to top it off searching for it elsewhere proved a fruitless effort as the only thing that would ever come up is Times New Roman. I know it's a stupid question but help me out here?

thank you :-)

Times Modern
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A sample would be nice :)

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Right, sorry! Sliped my mind.

Updated with today's front page :-)

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Thanks. After some research, it's a bespoke (as almost all big tunas on this market) called 'Times Modern' by Research Studios under the Art Direction of its founder Neville Brody.
2 nice alternatives and commercially available would be Acta family by Dino dos Santos and Publico by Christian Schwartz and Kai Bernau for Commercial Type (originally created for the Lisbon newspaper 'Público').

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Thanks Ryuk!I wasn't looking for comercial alternatives, just doing a bit of research for uni but got stuck there. You've been of great help! :-)

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