Typographic logo for Rubicon Design

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Typographic logo for Rubicon Design + Fabrication designed July 2001. This was
cut-up letterforms /work in progress I was experimenting with when the client dropped by the studio, looked at it and wanted it as is.. Their slogan is "more custom than your mom". All collateral (postcard, letterhead, fax cover sheet, businesscards, website) all use various version of the logo.

Rubicon logo.jpg

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Here is the rest of the Rubicon collateral. Website still in works. Will post when finished.

Rubicon portfolio.jpg

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Font used is Eunuverse by Barry Deck, distributed by Thirstype.

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Killer mix of organic and mechanical. And that logo thing is great.


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Ole- it looks like you left your beer stein all over their promo material. it looks great. i bet someone was drinking when they said, "...more custom than... YOUR MOM!"

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I know this is an old thread, but I have to say this work is gorgeous!!! Very nice work ole!!!

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