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Here is my first typeface. It is a modular unicase system designed to combine aspects of upper and lowercase characters (when possible). The forms are inspired by a combination of japanese architecture and digital display. Any feedback is welcomed.

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That's kind of fun.

How small of a type size were you thinking?

Also, I'd like to see some text laid out in the face.

Don't stop experimenting!

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The "A" is my favorite.

I think you could add a tail to the "U" to have
some more of that UC, LC thing going on and
serve to distinguish it even further from the "V".

-sean michael

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Nick - nice fresh approach!

Welcome to typophile.

X, Z and 3 are glyphs
that you might take a second look at.

A and B are really nice.

Maybe R could use a tweak?

If you want to market it,
consider Mr. Segura.


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Thanks for the feedback!
Here are some changes I made
("U", "R", "X", "@")
Let me know what you think.


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I kind of like it in outlines too.
I also was surprised that it reads pretty well at smaller sizes
agree/ disagree?outlines

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I think you have made some great choices here.

The "R: looks great, @, X, and 3 also look better.

How do you plan, expect or want this design to
be used? John asked;

>How small of a type size were you thinking?

This would be good to know.

Also, if you could, please set it in some text
that we are unfamiliar with- to test it's readability.
But please, post it smaller.

-sean michael

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We seem to be posting at the same time but I
think my questions are still relevant.

I am not as fond of the outline.

Also, what if you created a bottom bowl on the
lc "g" by creating a line extending to the left?
I think it would have more of that dichotomy you
are seeking.

-sean michael

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Ths x doesn't look like a k anymore, nice job.
Good Monkey

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The R looks like an h to me. And sort of like a Б, as well.

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I dont see the r looking like an h or a "?".
It looks like an R and an r. And its an interesting shape.

nice work!

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My name is Bond... Bond Paper.

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