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It might be Matthew Carter's fat face Elephant, but I don't have any samples handy to check.

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I think this is Elephant. A bit tricked out though. The E is foreshortened on the horizontal in both sizes. That "clever" MP kern-in is a bit jarring.

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Gerald, John --

I don't think this is Elephant (unless Matthew reworked
it before releasing it as Big Figgins -- which I doubt).
The Elephant/Big Figgins 'C' doesn't have a bottom
serif, the bracketing at the end of thins on 'M' and 'N' is
less than this sample, the serifs on horizontals of 'E'
and 'L' are heavier than this, and the beaks on 'C' 'G' 'S'
are scooped more deeply on the outside transitions.

-- Kent.

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It screams '70s rub-down type to me, but I can't for the life of me place which one.

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Thanks all for your help.
That 'C' is definitely an enigma.

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None of the fat modern serifs I could find have this bottom serif on the UC "C". Some Bodonis have it, but even in the boldest weights those're not fat enough. :/

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Look what I stumbled upon. Another near match. Not fat
enough and no vertical stress on the serifs, but still...

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