Vincent Morely's Nuachl

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Any comments on Vincent Morely's newest fonts, the extremely useful Nuachl

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And in case anybody's wondering what this bit means:

Theastaigh uaim go mbeadh cuma chomhaimseartha ar an gcl

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Very nice, Matha. Thank you for posting the link. I have wanted to get a better look at Gaelic and your link provided the oportunity.

The samples were attractive. To my american eye they looked runic/tolkenesque.

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To my american eye they looked runic/tolkenesque.

Oh dear. Better not tell Vincent that. It's supposed to look new and sleek and shiny.

Personally, I'm over the moon that he's got it finished - the last time I checked it was still in progress. I've just set a few mixed Gaelic/French/English texts in it and apart from the guillemets

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The tolken thing is more about my ignorance - and it relates more to the overall look, as opposed to the actual face.

No discredit to the designer - nothing but respect!


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Vincent's managed to pip us to the post but my colleague, Jean-Baptiste Taisne, and myself have been working on our own shiny, modern Gaelic/Roman family. This is a scan of a crumpled bit of dirty paper with some of Jean-Baptistes characters on it:



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The Romhanach looks nice, but the "gaelic" glyphs in the first version just look so out of place. Plus, is there a reason behind the d, f, and g changing? And are those two rs and two ts?

I do like the uppercase in the plain Nuachlo. I think that and the lowercase from the Romhanach would look nice together.

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I think Vincent's stuff is pretty nice, but:
1) I think anybody who's seen enough Stone will find the Irish authenticity compromised.
2) The dots are cramped by the x-height.
3) If he hasn't gotten permission from Sumner Stone, he might get in trouble. Nothing that would cause lifelong misery, but still. Remember all the bobastic outrage over little Frothy?

Your stuff is much more brave and smart.


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Little frothy?

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Chris, a Chara,

For the whole Frothy story check out this thread:

Strange but true.


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Hrant wrote :

1) I think anybody who's seen enough Stone will find the Irish authenticity compromised.

I've been comparing Nuachl

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Stephen, you have to hack the URL; the links have a misplaced backslash in place of the final forward slash.

Matha, just one nitpick: Nuachl

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just one nitpick: Nuachl

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Matha, that sample looks terrific.

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Seeing it set in text it looks very nice. It would be nice to see an even longer passage, however, at normal text size. But it does have a definite harmony.

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The PDFs and images at this site seem to be down this morning.

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Thanks Kent. How very odd. How come no one else had this
problem? Or am I just slow today?

Here's a corrected link to the PDF.

Kent is right about the Informal.

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