Victoria's Secret catalog & ads (extended sample)

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It almost looks like trajan bold on the caps. I love the look of the font. I don't know if they have mixed fonts, but even so I want to know the lowercase font. Thanks all!

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I wouldn't be surprised if this is custom. VS has used
Trajan caps for quite a while, and they might conceivably
have commissioned a lowercase to go with them.

It strikes me that this lowercase could have been
done by the Hoefler Type Foundry. It bears a passing
resemblance to custom work that both JH and TF-J
have done before -- like Jonathan's type for House
& Garden
or Tobias's MSL Elzevir.

-- Kent.

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From what I can find as well, I would have to agree with
Kent. That 'W' is definitely more Minion, than
Garamond. MM Minion comes semi-close, but Elzevir and
MSL Elzevir (so I've been told recently) ;^) don't match. The
reason I would say it is custom is because the characters
aren't following the same school of thought. Specifically, the
'T' and the 'W'.

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Minion and Bembo are both close for the lower case, so it seems to be an Aldine of some type.

Aetna JY Newstyle Roman is close too, but not quite it either (the lc "r" is way off).


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I really wanted to know the answer on this one. Wouldn't someone release the font even if it is custom. all should recreate it. I someone on this board wants to =)

So is it agreed it is custom--because I hate that answer. They should relase a Trajan lowercase. Seems logical.

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Chesh? Care to comment? :-)

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Tom, stop posting these difficult-to-ID fonts, dude. You're a nightmare to both our statistics and our reputation. Ask some easy ones so you can make us look good, dammit! ;)

And why are you so obsessed with lingerie catalogs, you perv! =D

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I understand your frustration with unavailability, Tom.
Often a company will commission a proprietary font, so
they know they'll be the only org to use it - making it
part of their identity. This is not uncommon.

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BTW, Someone has tried to do a Trajan lowercase,
but this Victoria's Secret thing is definitely superior
(not that a Trajan was really their intention - it just
shares some of the same characteristics).

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