YESYES part 3

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Hello again [sigh]

Once again I've changed course... and I sense this is my final design (hehe!)

Thanks for all the support you've given me during this identity-crisis of my company :-)

Give me some comments on this if you please :-)

Best regards,

yesyes part 11

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First, you need to spell Advertising correctly. :-)

The bubble dots are looking a little bit like a crown, but that could be because I watched a show about Queen Elizabeth II the other night. What if you flopped it over? Or played with the dots a bit more to create more of an illusion of an arrow. e.g. forward thinking?? Or just rotate it 45

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>The bubble dots are looking a little bit like a crown

It looks like a crown to me too.
Overall, i thing it is a good logo, but maybe you could try something simpler with the dots.

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Tiff> Gee... what a spelling failure :-) I must have been way too hasty posting this one...

And you're all right about the crown. I had the idea of shaping a crown out of dots (sort of ironic reflection on my company)

A while ago I read a discussion by some leading designers talking about their companies corporate identity... and how many dificulities that involved - looking inside the company etc.
They suggested trading design services - you do me I do you :-)

The thing is I just moved into a new office and I need to get myself a firm stationary (no more "I'll just write my name and number on this napkin here!") So right now all my energy is focused on that "damn" logo :-)

Joe> I agree that a lower case indeed looks more friendly - but I'm having trouble finding the right font for that - can you recommend a typography? (bold and round preferably)

Another thing is the letters "yesyes" - not very flexible and actually just the 3 same letters repeated. Though the name "yesyes" has a very good repetation in my town... not the logo but the brand :-)

Thanks again people!

Kind regards,

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Just a late-night idea...

Good night from Denmark :-)


yesyes tryout 13

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I think the name "yesyes" has enough power by itself. Maybe there in not reason to add an image (a crown, here) to the logo. Just play with "yesyes" and find something strong in this repeated word.
Excuse my bad english.:-)

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I'm coming into this late so I've probably missed something.

I like the YESYES treament. Bit of class to it. I'm assuming there is a similar reason for the idea of the "bubble dots." Instead of the crown though (reminds me of hotel signage or a soda pop logo) you might consider stressing the horizontal treatment you've already established and use them (the bubbles) as an interline rule between the two text lines. Perhaps going from small to large and then from large to small to provide a bit of a break in the tension between the lines. Keep the largest solid sphere the same size as the stem weight of the YESYES letterform, yes?

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Henriko. I really like the implied optimism in this new typeface. Much friendlier, it also seems a to convey a good healthy amount of hipness without being overtly trendy.


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Henriko. Any way you slice it, YESYES / YesYes / yesyes is a great name for an agency. I agree with Santiago, you may not need a mark when you've got a word this strong. Also with Tiffany's thoughts above about your latenight version, though at that size I'd tighten up the letterspacing.

Finally I have to also agree with Joe: Try something fun. It may not be right in the end but give it a shot. Check out Hello Design an example of what we mean (sorry joe if I'm way off). Your name has a similar appeal.


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Long time listner, first time caller.

I like a lot of the version, here's an idea I did quick, since you are so open to "playing".


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I'm gonna have to bring a big French veto :-)
And on your first post too. Sorry Chris. I've got
issues with vertical type, plus I think the side
by side says, "yesyes" with more impact.

Heinriko, why yesyes? Perhaps in the answer
you will find a helpful direction, playful or not.


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ooooooooohhh that hurts... no not really. I actually agree with you. It just occured to me while I was driving around today and thought I'd try it.

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My beloved forum :-)

Thanks for the fresh ideas!

Tiff > I added more optimism than earlier... now It's actually got a smile integrated :-)
Thanks to Randy for that swell input!

The colors are not complete... just testing shapes right now...


yesyes phase 13

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Is that a swoosh? I think that is a swoosh.
I say no no to the swoosh swoosh.

sorry. i think it has gone to far far. yesyes might
be all you need need.

-smc smc

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Dude! That is not what I meant. For inspiration man, inspiration.

(now there's a name for a studio, British of course)
For your information Sean, that is an eyelash.

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All is fair Sean!
Well it was supposed to be a smile instead of a swoosh-thing... but somehow I didn't see that million-dollar curve coming!

The YESYES characters are not distinctive enough to me! It needs to stand out from the crowd!

Any suggestions??


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OK! I'll lay my head on the table!
I'm simply out of inspiration - can I download a logogenerator somewhere ?? :-)


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What about playing with idea of an echo??



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In regards to you wanting an automated logomaker. As much as this scares me, it also makes think. I do admire programmers and engineers. Their abilities are fascinating.

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Oops! Double Post!

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"The n_Gen Design Machine is developed by Move Design, Inc., a San Francisco visual communication design firm. n_Gen represents an attempt to define a new design methodology...freeing the user to focus on design decisions."

Well, I agree programmer

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It was a joke. That's all.

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Tiff> Thanks for the inspirering keywords!

I've made a half-circle mania to get some movement...

Still I can't see what's wrong with it!
Gone designblind :-(


yesyes phase 14 and counting...

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Just a note on type design:
e ending is little bit long
reverse for y ending, little too short

Finally the s is quite soft on the middle compared to quite built letters. Perhaps make the e and y counters little little bit more round & less angular?

On design side, I prefer the top than the bottom one for the image size / position. Perhaps too much contrast on size between type and image?

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I agree with JFP about the letters. The e looks like it is sticking it's chin out, and the s does seem so soft next to the semi-rigidity of the y & e -- The tonality of the orange seems too dark compared to the grey. Maybe add a little more cmy to the grey. Or tone down the orange. However, if you are trying to be a friendly and service-oriented agency, and saying that with your logo, you might want to kick the saturation up a bit.

Are you asking about the smile in your logo and why it might not be such a good thing? I'm glad you changed your colors. It did look a bit like an airline. But, I wasn't entirely opposed to the concept behind the usage.

Here are a couple places to visit.

But, on the my opion...while some logos don't need concept...well, I think a concept is highly important. A good concept, even hinted at in your logo, can set the stage for a strong identity for the company. I'm sure I'll get shot down for saying this, but take for instance the Amazon logo. The smile that they incorporated in their logo reflects what they do for their clients (me). When I get home and see that box on my doorstep, I do smile.

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I agree with the both of you > JPF and Tiff.
The characters are too angular and vary to much as well (was that english??)

Anyway I've kinda gone back to an older design (posted some time ago) where there are no swooshes or sodapop logos in sight :-)

My company has a friendly tone in its service and I don't think I really need a symbol to support that - the name is a friendly brand
"YESYES - of course we can do that!"
(big smile inserted here!)

I like the typography in this attached version though it needs some adjustments for sure!
(an early state of my website - this is just to see how the logo acts online)

But the logo needs a tiny little detail that will make it an identity! - what is it?

Tiff > Amazon is the best! They supplied me with many smiles lately :-)
BTW: Do you have a portfolio of some kind online?

[Starting up Illustrator...]

Thanks again,

yesyes phase 15 and evolving...

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Don't take me too serious here. I came up
with some really silly ideas. I'm just brainstorming
with you.


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I had 30 minutes to spare, hope that it will help the ongoing brainstorm...


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I think my idea looks like Teriyaki Chicken Bowl.

Oh, and nice website design.


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I like the smiling swoosh design, even though I hate swooshes. :-) It's well balanced, and the e's look like eyes.


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I like the text on the 'half-circle mania' post (but drop the half circle thing)
I think the whitespace around the letters is interesting. Could you emphasise this - maybe by using outline letters?

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I hate to see a graphic designer struggeling like that. It also reminds me of myself from some years ago.
I see you start to produce a battery of logos that have no meaning. Just to change the font make no sense.

How about something like this? I agree with the earlier posts that you, with a name like that, need no sign / swoosh or any other kind of destraction. The name for itself is strong enough and can be modified to something interesting.

YESYES by LucidDream

This is just a quick sketch bases on your earlier post. I liked that font, easy, uncomplicated, but interesting.
My 'S' needs some plastic surgery, but I think you know what I mean.
Just by playing with the anatomy of the font you can, with little means, create something interesting. The first thing I do with creating logos is converting the font to vectors. Then the party really starts.

I hope I could help you a little bit.


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For a name as happy as YESYES I think you're missing some
opportunities to have fun with this. Looking at your older
posts I think the very first one had more potential. It was
lower case, first of all, wich seems more true to the name.
(Yes, it's basic typography where lower case = more
friendly. Of course that's cliche, but it has become cliche
for good reason.)

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