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I'm hoping to get some feedback on the logos below. First let me tell you the project constraints:
1. The 'At Conservation International' part with the line has to be there (somewhere), unmodified.
2. The only fonts I can use are Adobe Garamond, Trade Gothic, and Univers (even though the at conservation... line is palitino-go figure).
3. Those are the only shades of green I can use.

Given all that what do you think?

verde logos

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i like the first one, for me it is more unified all the parts, and the thing that only the descender of your R makes the leaf i think it gives a more vegetable look, woth the others solutions, specially the second one i think you fall in a geometric-static look on your leaf

anyway, nice colors, try the separation line with the VERDE green.


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I had this vision of an Uncial "d" being a leaf, maybe in a darkish flare-serif font.

And I think all-UC might send the wrong message here.


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Zeke, this looks pretty nice and I'll put my
vote up for number one. I can't find anything
negative to say about it. Looks good.

If I had to choose a second one I would say
go with number two. But the last two seem to
be trying a little too hard.


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I am agree with Cristian, and i think that the firs solution is the better, but the layout is messy. Maybe if you talke that big V on verde and make them to descend to make the top of the logo as a line, at the same at the bottom phrase. Now you got a logo just with the R descendent, thge rest of the information need to be secondary,

Nice Idea, and colors


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The first, although cramped is the least clever. And in this instance I don't think clever is what you want. Although the fake smallcaps aren't helping either. Do you have a version of this face with real smallcaps? The 'R' needs to be given some it's florentine roots back. You've stretched the curve too much and it shows. It would be more elegant, and natural, if you could create the leaf from the natural stroke of the 'R'. This would also fix the clotting in between the 'R' and the 'D'. As well, it would also force your to drop the leaf a little lower which it needs. Hrant suggestion about a little less all caps might be nice to explore as well. And if you must use a fake smallcap, limit it to only the word Verde. I really like the colors. They seem crisp and elegant. Smart Papers makes something with this kind of scheme that would be beautiful. And one more thing. The word 'AT' seems to be an afterthought. It needs to fit into the scheme, not float outside of it.

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WOW thanks for all the great advice.
Heres what Ive come up with based on your suggestions.
I'm kinda partial to the one line version now. Let me know what you think. Thanks! -zeke


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Is the line required?

Here is a quick remix suggestion of your last version.
I could have verbally explained what I meant but
this was easier.

The remix would still need work. I might make
"at conservation international" smaller and letter
space it a bit more for starters.

Could you make "fund" the same color as
"venture?" It would make the color balanced.

Did the dark green change from your first post
or is it just a screen thing? If it did change the
first dark green was better.

You are progressing well.

-sean michael

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Zero, you've done some excellent things with that logo! I think Sean Michael's solution to balancing the logo is perfect.


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Thanks for all your input!
As these things usually go, halfway through the project they decide to dump the word 'Fund'.
So here is where it stands now.
I am required to use a rule between 'Verde Ventures' and 'At Conservation International'.
Let me know what you think.


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Fine solution Zero, who is this logo for? what does verde ventures do and what is that conservation international stuff about?

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Zero, the last version looks very good. It restores the balance now the word 'Fund' is gone.
Perhaps the only things I would change are the capital C and I in the small sentence. But that's personal.

Sell it. It's ready.


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Thanks for all your help!
The last version sold...
The 'At Conservation International' line in Palitino-fake-small-caps is, unfortunately, a logotype and cant be modified.
As to hectors question about ci, more can be found at

The verde ventures fund is a money raising entity for ecotourism and other eco-related businesses.

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It's nice overall. I'll second what Tiffany wrote about cleverness.

The whole "at Conservation International" line needs work.
It seems like it could be smaller. Try a different typeface
perhaps, or try changing the case as Hrant suggests.

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