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I'm new to this forum, but I'll give it a try.

I'm stuck... been working on a logo for a product and I can't finish it :/

The product's name is "panagora" it's from the greek words "Pan" and "Agora" witch translates something like "All-Marketplace". The product is a web based application for smaller companies that want to make their products available online.

I can't offer money, however credits, it would be greatly appricieated.


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This experiment is unlikely to lead to a satisfactory result, let alone to the best possible solution.

The customer should provide a designer with all the relevant information about product, market etc.

Then this designer should be able to find a solution.

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Sorry, did't understand how to add the image though... check this URL http://www.styggt.com/panagora.jpg

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What do you want help with?
Can you be a little more specific?


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Looking at the whole package (not just the
type) I think you may be struggling because
there's no underlying idea here--other than the
cliche cart and the cliche e.

I'd say go and develop a concept and then
worry about how to execute it.

Best of luck.

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I would recommend hiring a designer.

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For one thing, try to avoid Helvetica at all costs.


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