Fontographer unable to do reference characters in OS X

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After reading a post about trouble with referenced characters in FOG on X in Classic mode I decided to test this myself.

Sure enough FOG freezes when I attempt to move a referenced character via arrow keys or mouse.

Unfortunately this is detrimental to being able to build fonts and I am at a loss for a workaround. I don't have the ability to boot in Classic mode since I'm at 10.2.5 on my OS X Mac.

Joe, can your brother leak that Classic bootable hack that Apple has?

Mark, any thoughts?

Stuart :D

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I've already discovered from Jim's forum that there isn't a fix for it. I was hoping other folks had alternate workarounds for it.

So far I have surmized I could retrofit my machine with the ability to boot in Classic mode by replacing the system software with an older version.


I could find some way to share the monitor of my new CPU with my old box (ala Remote Desktop) but it's painfully slow.


Do all my FOG work on my old computer!

The problem is due to my time constraints right now, I don't have the time to meet the learning curve of trying to figure out how to do FOG things in Font Lab. My primary reason to jump to OS X was for Font Lab so I'll eventually make the leap.

I should have saved my pennies for a new monitor instead of a new computer . . . Sheesh!

Stuart :D

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Unfortunately my workflow will now require me to do all my drawing in Illustrator on my new X machine with a super crisp monitor and going back to my old 9500 to do all the FOG work on my blurry old monitor.

There isn't a decent solution to this other than to repartiiton the X machine or find that bootable Classic hack so I can run both OSs on one machine.

I appreciate you taking the time to see what your bro can find out. As I mentioned earlier, it's not so much that I'm resistant to Font Lab, it's just that I can maneuver in FOG so much quicker and I have my workflow based around that application.

Please post as soon as you find something out!

Stuart :D

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Stuart, I don't understand why you can't boot into OS 9. This facility was not removed in 10.2.5. Unless you bought one of the newest machines which were released just this year, you should be able to do it. Just go to System Preferences > Startup Disk, select the OS 9 System folder and restart.

Don't forget that you should use the PPC version of FOG in OS 9.

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.... and the non-FPU version if you're running FOG in classic.

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I just bought a brand new 17" iMac with the enhanced feature that it cannot even boot from an external hard drive.


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As far as I know, that model should be able to boot into OS 9. I believe the models that can't are the new laptops and towers with Firewire 800. Also, you should be able to boot from an external Firewire drive using the same Startup Drive control panel (assuming it has a valid system on it).

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Hi Stuart, can't you just do all the the regular characters in Classic mode,
and then do the diacritcis and other refence charters on you 9500.
(And maybe get a better monitor, they are cheap these days.)
Then move back to Classic to do the final kerning and spacing?.
That's the work flow I've been having since I upgraded
to OSX in January.

Another tip that I got from this
forum is to speed up fog a little by choosing 1000nds of colors instead of millions.

Anyone know more about the OSX robofog that there was romours about?

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OSX Robofog?
It sure would be nice. The LettError folks have however switched to Fontlab so that might be the end of things.

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Why buying a new computer and switch to X and don't switch to contemporary appl.?*

After couple of years with Ikarus, then Ten years of using Fog, I'm not disapointed at all with doing 99% of everything in FL on X. The only limitation I see is interpolation that I continue to do in Fog. That it. Its just a matter of months, as Yuri got it our comments about interpolation.

* I don't get the concept. Perhaps to make your life more complicate, its the best thing to do: switching everyday! ;-)

Good luck with the 1996 old appl on 2003 computers!

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> The only limitation I see is interpolation

Interesting, I didn't know - what's the problem with FontLab's interpolation?


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I haven't been able to pin my brother down about booting
into classic from Jaguar.

In general though, it's all about your workflow. If your
workflow requires OS 9 in any critical piece of your process,
you should wait to move to OS X when you can upgrade
everything at once. (For most people that's a major outlay.)

Is your alternative is to stick to your OS 9-only workflow?

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