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hi, i've just been working on these today, they are round 1. my idea was incorporating bookspine orientation into the bookstore's logo. your thoughts are welcomed. typeface=futura. colour ideas=still open but leaning towards flourescents. of course there are grayscales as well but they're boring: )





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Oh. Andrea, are you in Vancouver?

I'm not a good person to judge whether this is a good logo idea overall: I'm not a graphic designer, and my approach to a design problem is simply to work at a single solution until it is perfect, usually ignoring any question of whether a different solution might be better.

I think A and C are working much better than B, in both colour and arrangement. Some suggestions for improvement:

Shorten the ascender on the lowercase b in the vertical lettering. It sticks out way too far. See how short you can get it and still have a legible b.

Adjust the alignment of the three words so that the left side of the O A and B are optically aligned. In your current versions the O is too far right and the B too far left, creating a visual slant.

In the A and C arrangment, there is more optical white space below the word 'Art' than above it. See if you can balance this.

I think the words look much better closer to the 'spine lettering' as in C.

Here is a modified version with these suggestions applied:
Finally, I recommend providing two versions, one with 'Vancouver's Art Book Stores' incorporated as in C, and one without this line. Both will be useful.

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thanks john, i appreciate your feedback and i agree with your suggestions. especially shortening the descender. now when i look at the "oab" of logo b all i see is an excited flourescent snowman.

yes i am in vancouver! in case you know anyone else that would be interested (maybe keith would be as well) oscar's is having a logo contest with $500 books as payment for the designer. oscar's is one of my favourite bookstores so that's why i'm doing this in the first place... thanks again for your help: )

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Andrea, i think that the speech of the logo is a little redundant or ambiguous, is this a store or a chain of stores, is (or are) the stores from vancouver or from oscar. (well maybe i perceve redundance because i almost never speak english).

Redundace comes too when you repeat Art Store Twice, and the capitals OAB twice too. Take a look:


Hope i could help you, i

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