U.S. Walls & Ceilings

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Does anyone know what the name of this font is?us walls

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THANKS YVES! Compacta was close enough that my customer approved the work. Had to redraw the "&" ampersand though. Not that rough of a job. Worked out well.

Thanks again

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I hope so. I am still intrigued myself. I haven't given up looking for the original font. Its gotta be out there somewhere.

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It is almost entirely consistent (including the ampersand) with Haettenschweiler, a font that Microsoft has bundled with some of its products.


Copyright reads, in part, "Data by Eraman Ltd., and Monotype Typography Inc.

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Is it possible that someone messed around with Compacta/British Inserat and turned it into a stencil-like font? The lc "a" and "g" are dead giveaways. The ampersand is tr

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I was thinking the same, Yves.

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Nah, I did a check with my Bitstream version of Compacta Bold, and it's quite a bit squarer and less open. Haven't got a license to British Inserat, so I can't try that one out.

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Glad to have been able to help you out, Jill. I'm still intrigued by the true identity of this typeface though. Maybe it's just a different cut of Compacta? Will we ever find out? ;)

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