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To appologize for my last post, here is a site I just read about:

David Rumsey

Lots of old maps w/ nice (or interesting) typography. You can zoom in very close, and considering it was just written up in the New York Times, the site seems fairly fast.

Here's a sample:

map of chicago


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Hi Jay,

Great site! I was promoting it in this thread:

Now all we have to do is take the beauties on these old maps and do something like this with them:


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BTW, I recently saw an old Dutch map, and the lettering reminded me very strongly of Salmiak.


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Whups! Missed that thread; I hardly ever go to the Type ID Board. Sorry 'bout the re-post. I should probably spend more time there.

Thx for the Emigre link

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Thanks Randy for the Dalliance link. I saw that font in use somewhere the other day ( I don't know where now) ~ and was a wonderin' what the font was. Now I know!

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The USA Library of Congress also has an extensive collection of maps going back to 1500.


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