Gravis Footwear / Atlantis Crystal

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I'm new to this forum. Congratulations for what you have here, very nice work and resources! I'll start out with 2 fonts that I couldn't identify yet. Let's see if TYPOPHILE can do the work :-)

1. Gravis brand font.
Gravis logo

2. Atlantis Brand font

Thanks in advance!

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While the latter is definitly not apex sans, it is similar, and I like apex better, honestly.

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Yes, the second type is similar to the APEX SANS thin (great font btw)... Nice catch. anyone else? :-)

Apex Sans Light:

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Ok, and how about the gravis font? anyone? :-)

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Apex is lovely - at any weight under bold, which suffers from majorly clogged counters.

That Atlantis logo first made me think of Alias' stuff. But, alas, it is none of those.

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Funny: I had exactly the same idea, Stewf, but a run through their catalogue revealed nothing indeed. I'm pretty sure I've seen the Atlantis font before though, and I think it'll pop up in a quite unexpected place, something like [t-26] or Rian Hughes' Device Fonts. Just a hunch...

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Well, it's been dramatically squished horizontally which makes it quite difficult to ID. (Any excuse to disguise the fact I haven't got a clue... :/)

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