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Hello, please be brutal.

It's for the company I work for. We primarily have past experience doing entertainment work (club/theatre promotions etc.) but are moving into corporate design and a new office with it.

The idea of this logo is to show the company as being made up of two cells of the same genus, with a different logo for both departments. The typeface is based on the cell motif and if successful I will make a full set for the smaller type and other promo material etc. (at the moment I have used Eurostile as it is superifically similar).Logo departmental variants and b/w alternative

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Put everything on the trash and start again another one.
Does is enough Brutal?

Seriously, put some space between lc
Reduce the too wide C, cut the terminals of the C and make it like your e/r/t/y terminals. Do the same for your figures, less wider, sae open terminals

Make your e less big on the top and more open on the bottom counter.
align to t bar with bottom bar a bit

Finally, align the short to u and short y with the entr letters.

Et voil

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Thanks for your input.

Maybe I should have said brutally honest? Was your first statement brutally honest or just brutal?

Anyway, assuming there is some hope left for this design, below are ammendments I have made based on your comments. Top is the original, second is a removal of all the terminals (its hard to see, but both caps and non-caps have little up-turned terminals in the original which softens them a little), the third one is an attempt to compensate the terminals by making the Caps terminals less pronounced but still upturned and the last one is the same as the third but with the caps horizontally scaled even more. I'm reluctant to do this because I wanted the letters based on the logo I had designed but maybe I'm just clinging on to a bad idea...iterations

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Seems better, overally. Does its possible to make more larger image? Too small to look at endings. before/after


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Good typographic suggestions from JFP. Yeah, I'm not real fond of it either. I think my main objection is the amount of stuff happening. You've got the icon, there's the word century, and 23 and a scentence. IMHO 4 is rather a lot of elements for a logo.

There are several things you might try.

1) Try it without the mark, and focusing on the words Century 23 and the tags.
I'm just not buying the 2 cells of the same genus business. I guess I understand the motivation with two business focuses, but in practice I don't know that your logo is communicating that, or even needs to.

2) Maybe eliminate the space between Century and 23 -> Century23. Either that or make the 23 your mark and really go for it.

3) The scentences. The placement is off. It looks like the tail of the y was giving you fits :-) I would take these out too (if possible) and let the color differentiate. Are you talking two different companies, or just two aspects of your business? If the latter, I'd fight to drop the words all together and at most differentiate with color.

I've made alot of assumptions about your business, so feel free to tell me to take a walk. In closing though, (and you're talking to type nuts) since you're designing your own type for this logo (and possibly a corporate font) make this your focus. Take JFP's suggestions and really work the type over until it shines.

For ideas look at Oban and Metron in these forum for some inspiration. I think they lend themselves to a logo like yours:

BTW, your project also reminds me of an ID that Duffy Design did for MYND using different colors for differend depts. In was in some annuals and also at www.duffy.com.


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Ben i think that if you want to sell identity you have to move on to a less abstract symbol because there can not be any concrete interpretation about what you do. And that

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