Untitled workhorse-type face

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hello, here's a small family I'm working on:


I basically want/need an alternative to the standard verdana-esque screen fonts that I use frequently in my client work - the problem is making it stand apart, but keeping it just as readable!

so any advice or criticism (and maybe even a name suggestion or two) would be appreciated.

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Looks sharp!

It's hard to find a name for a generic bitmap font... Just avoid ending it with an "a". :-)


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I like it, esp. lc b and p and so glad they are not mirrors of d and q.

You could name it "Typeface" - that's pretty generic :-) We had a workhorse once (a real one) named "Crafty Ann" and I've met more than one farming horse named "Bessie" and I should probably go to sleep now.

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hey, so here's the full set so far. I'll be adding more characters - accents, fractions, etc. I named it "Ledger".

ledger set

ledger text

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i keep reading b as h. is anyone else seeing that or should i call 1-800-ABCDEFG?

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Hee, is that sample text from The Onion? Sure sounds like it.

And the "b" does look somewhat "h"-like... though I don't have any problem reading it, I can nonetheless understand how it would be easy to make that mistake, and it doesn't seem "balanced" in comparison to the "d".

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Andrew - The Regular is as readable as Verdana, yet
stylisticallly unique. You've done it.

I'm particularly font of the 'K'. Your spacing is also just right.

Let's see some punctuation other than what's in the text samples!

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I'm glad you're pushing some boundaries here. I love to see
the condensed weight. My only criticism of Verdana is that
it's often too wide when you want something to be a tad

And I've never been a fan of the round-top A in bitmap faces.

The small caps are a nice touch.

Regarding naming. I couldn't help noticing Bitstream's Vera,
named perfectly so that it sits right on top of Verdana in
my menu. It seems to say, "Looking for Verdana? Try Vera."

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