OS X Quick Keys

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This is posted from an OS X help email that I receive daily.

Shift-Command-Q - Apple Menu - Log out
Shift-Option-Command-Q - Apple Menu - Log out immediately

Command-H - Finder Menu - Hide Finder
Option-Command-H - Finder Menu - Hide Others
Option-Shift-Command-Delete - Finder Menu - Empty Trash without dialog
Shift-Command-Delete - Finder Menu - Empty Trash

Command-A - Edit Menu - Select All
Command-C - Edit Menu - Copy
Command-V - Edit Menu - Paste
Command-X - Edit Menu - Cut
Command-Z - Edit Menu - Undo

Command-D - File Menu - Duplicate
Command-E - File Menu - Eject
Command-F - File Menu - Find
Command-I - File Menu - Get Info
Command-L - File Menu - Make Alias
Command-N - File Menu - New Finder window
Command-O - File Menu - Open
Command-P - File Menu - Print
Command-R - File Menu - Show original
Command-T - File Menu - Add to Favorites
Command-S - File Menu - Save
Command-W - File Menu - Close Window
Command-Delete - File Menu - Move to Trash
Shift-Command-S - File Menu - Save as
Shift-Command-N - File Menu - New Folder
Option-Command-I - File Menu - Show Attributes Inspector
Option-Command-W - File Menu - Close all Windows

Command-1 - View Menu - View as Icons
Command-2 - View Menu - View as List
Command-3 - View Menu - View as Columns
Command-B - View Menu - Hide Toolbar
Command-J - View Menu - Show View Options

Command-K - Go Menu - Connect to Server
Command - [ - Go Menu - Back
Command - ] - Go Menu - Forward
Shift-Command-A - Go Menu - Applications
Shift-Command-C - Go Menu - Computer
Shift-Command-F - Go Menu - Favorites
Shift-Command-G - Go Menu - Goto Folder
Shift-Command-H - Go Menu - Home
Shift-Command-I - Go Menu - iDisk

Command-M - Window Menu - Minimize Window
Option-Command-M - Window Menu - Minimize All Windows

Command-? - Help Menu - Open Mac Help


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I'm disappointed command+n isn't new folder since I used this so often on my old skool box. Any hack to replace or swap it with the new shift+command+n

It's such an unnatural key combination and cannot be done with one hand easily.

Stuart :D

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Something else that has bothered me about OS X is that it's simply not any faster than my old Mac.

Things like application launching and window opening/closing and redrawing are almost slower. I've got plenty of RAM perhaps I need to disable something to get it to work faster.

Stuart :D

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OS 10.2.3
1 Ghz Power PC G4 Processor
768 Mb of RAM

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Thanks for the list - it should ease my branching out in to the Macland. I'm used to Sun and Windows machines and recently got a Mac running X.

What really bothers me is editing text - HOME and END work differently there. Anyone know a shortcut to getting to the beginning and end of a line (like when editng text in the "Post" window of this forum?

I also haven't found a shortcut to bring up the Image Size in Photoshop for Mac. But I haven't looked that hard. I have to complain to Adobe, my Photo Shop 7.0 crashes if I leave it idle for more than 30 minutes.

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Any shortcuts for by list/last modified?

Happy to have same function when you are on columns too. A pain to have all theses folder by alphabetic order by default.

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Anyone know a shortcut to getting to the beginning and end of a line (like when editng text in the "Post" window of this forum?

command + left arrow = move to beginning of line
command + right arrow = move to end of line
command + up arrow = move to beginning of text
command + down arrow = move to end of text
option + right and left arrows = move forward or backward one word at a time

When you're not in a text box on a web page, these also work:

command + left arrow = same as back button
command + right arrow = same as forward button
command + up arrow = scroll to top of page
command + down arrow = scroll to bottom of page
option + up and down arrows = scroll up or down one page at a time

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Also, when you're editing text in most (all?) programs, if you hold down the shift key while doing any cursor moves with the keyboard, you will select text from wherever the cursor started.

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Am I missing something, or are 95% of those keyboard shortcuts actually listed in the Finder menus anyway?

Here's a couple of "hidden" freebies from the old skool:

cmd-up arrow - open a widow for the parent folder (when you have an active Finder window)

opt-double-click - folder - opens new folder window while closing the previous one

opt-double-click - file/app - opens file/app while closing current window

cmd-right arrow on folder in list view - open one level of disclosure arrows (cmd-left arrow reverses)

cmd-opt-right arrow on folder in list view - opens full tree of disclosure arrows (cmd-opt-left arrow reverses)

cmd-click folder name in title-bar discloses pop-up of folder path

cmd-opt-click (select) folder name in title-bar pop-up opens parent/grandparent/... folder while closing current folder

opt-click-close widget - closes all wndows

cmd-opt-w closes all windows...


and on

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My favorite finder key command is still Command Z.
(Yes, it's true, undo in the finder.)

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Stuart, what's your system? (OS version, processor, RAM)

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X is slower than 9.x on any system that'll run both. IMO, a B&W 350 with 9.x is more responsive than a 300mm PowerBook running X.

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Hmm. Your problem is not your system. (FYI, I run OS
X.2.4, 644MhZ G4, 512MB RAM)

Next question: are you running Classic apps (OS 9 Apps) or
OS X native apps? I suppose if you're a FOG user (unless
you've switched) then you're using OS 9 for some apps and
OS X for others...

If that's the case, you will see your Classic apps bog down
under OS X. I'll try to explain. When you launch an OS 9
application from inside OS X, you are launching another
operating system that runs in tandem with OS X. In other
words, OS X and OS 9 are both taxing your processor. Even
simple things like the clipboard occasionally get hung up
when switching between the two OSs. (Sorry if I'm telling
you stuff you already know.)

I became a happier camper when I quit using OS 9
apps altogether.

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Photoshop: more or less the same with all Mac graphics apps:

cmd-space bar - invokes zoom tool

cmd-opt-space bar - invokes negetave zoom

ie you're now in the zoom tool, click somewhare to make it work.

I think cmd-+ and cmd-- also work for Photoshop (6/7).

The exception to this general rule is XPress, where the "control" key invokes the zoom tool and "control-opt" is negative zoom.

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