April 26 Typophile Rendezvous

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We're now less than 2 weeks away from the SF Typophile
Rendezvous. What's the plan, Jared and Joe? I'll be in the
Bay Area, ready to party.

P.S. Say hello to my burd.

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If my command and control bunker was about 900 miles closer, I'd be there in body as well as spirit... but, maybe next time.

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OK - Decisions decisons.

Do I cut my Java programming class to attend this once in a lifetime event, or do I stay and try and get caught up on a class I'm already behind in?

As to meeting actual font people in person, will this quell my burgeoning fontaholism or enrage an already expanding desire to unparalleled proportions furthter alienating me from my family and friends?

Questions, questions.

~ Roballoo!

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After much deliberation and anguish I have decided to forgo the second half of my Saturday Java class to join you folks ~ a rare (live) chance to fontificate over typographical matters of the heart.

I will see YOU there.

~ R

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Meh! A series of late nights made me sleep straight through the rendezvous. Hope this wasn't the last bay area typo-gathering. I'll be sure to set two alarm clocks for the next one!

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I fixed the name problems ~ seems I got my Jareds and my Joes confused on the rollover alt tags.

Although the alt-tags ain't showing up on my Mac ~ they are on the PC side of things and I'd hate to confuse our PC bretheren.

~ R

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To confirm the rumor, Yes! On Saturday, April 26th (eleven
days from now) we're gathering for an impromptu meet and
greet at a *yet-to-be named cafe in Emeryville, California.
Just across the Bay bridge from SF.

Come. Buy yourself lunch. Hang out and chat with other
typophiles. Get your tee you've waited ages for. If we coerce
Graham Hicks to come you can make him sign your shirt
that he designed. **BYOS.

So far the tentative guest list is:

Jared Benson
Joe Pemberton
Stephen Coles
Cheshire Dave
Christopher Simmons

How about you other Bay Area kids?

* Cheshire, any recommendations for a good place
to eat? I only live there, I never dine there.

** Bring your own Sharpie.

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Dang, I fear my plane won't get me back to work in time. :/

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Meet us at 1pm, Saturday, April 26th, 2003.

Doyle Street Cafe
5515 Doyle Street
Emeryville, CA
Phone: (510) 547-355

View a Map

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Hmm. Java... You could order a cup at the cafe.


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Roballoo - It could alienate you from normal people, but
more likey, it will legitimize your geeky passion. Join us.

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We'd love to have you - but if this works out, we could do it again soon, or on a semi-regular basis.

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Yes, semi-regular. And at least as often as Cat Power draws
Stephen to town. Oh, and the fact is, we need YOU to come
legitimize OUR geeky obsession. =)

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See you all tomorrow! I can't decide which tee to wear, so I'll
probably wear both, even though they don't make good pants.

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Rob posted a pic on his site.

Left to right it's Jesse (is he picking my pocket?), me, then
Graham Hicks, Jared Benson, Jim Parkinson, Roballoo and
Cheshire Dave. Oh, and can't forget Chesh's girlfriend,
behind the camera.

Not pictured is Stephen who showed up two hours late, at
Jared's. He had enough time to watch a classic Twilight
Zone episode starring a mysterious Linotype.

The funnest part was sitting in the cafe, watching
strangers come in and speculating whether they were
typophiles or regular customers. The biggest surprise
was Oakland resident, Jim Parkinson who dropped in.

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Hot Damn! Sounds like a plan. Consider me there.

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