Designing first font

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hi everyone,

i'm new to the site. i'm a graphic design student about to graduate. i have always loved typography and as one of my projects for portfolio class, i'm doing something i have wanted to do for awhile - create a new font.

here's the deal: i'm doing a tribute to bodoni. it's a bracketed semi-serif. (this is my favorite serif typeface) i started out with drawings and have moved to digital. so far, i've only digitized the lowercase. i am very new to this, so i'm looking for any feedback you guys can offer. however, i'm looking for answers not only regarding the typeface itself, but also on issues like: what it should be named?, has anyone already done a tribute like this one?, and anything else that i may need to know in dealing with a tribute.

so that's it, i'm looking forward to the feedback.

thanks! tribute typeface

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Hi jennifer, i

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