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Sure it

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To my great shame, though I did not design the original "For Dummies" letters or the letters on the first couple of books, "Macs..." and "PCs..." I was hired to create the rest of the alphabet, plus some punctuation, since the titles of the first books were all done in the chalkboard lettering. I don't know if the letters were ever developed into a font, but I still have my original Illustrator file, which needs a lot of work on the compound paths. What can I say -- it was ten years ago.

I'm happy to send you what I've got, and you can do whatever you like with it. If you turn it into a font, I'd like it if you'd call it Condescend. If you feel like waiting a month or so, I'll fix the bad compound paths before I send it. Otherwise I can just email you the file as it stands now.

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Well, you know where it's at when you want it. I'm so sorry that that's my lasting (actually, not that lasting, I guess -- my part of it, anyway) contribution to type design -- I mean, type desecration.


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A lot of Myriad and some custom lettering ;)

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I used to get the Dummies font a lot. I've always gone with
the "custom lettering" respo.

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