(x) Soviet-looking Latin typefaces - various {gang}

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Looking for stuff that resembles the hand lettering on Russian war propaganda, but Latin, not Cyrillic. Actually, I

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the best soviet-latin font is DIMITRI from the young german typedesigners TYPONAUTEN.


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Hm... Revolution and Aleksei off T26 come to mind.

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Red! by Parisian artist Marc Tassell, at GarageFonts. Marc did develop a Cyrillic as well as the Latin version, and both were available at onetime. Although the Cyrillic's not listed on the GF site right now, I'm sure you can get it if you ask nicely.

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I must learn the wonders of the search.

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Check Stephen's legendary 6-minute Russian Constructivism run for some more options.

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No prob, Colin. There are people who know and can tell you. I personally don't mind. Furthermore, there's bound to be new inclusions as well. We learn each new day.

Well, most of us, that is.

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