Monotone Gothic

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I'm wondering if anyone has information on this typeface. A few months back I found a specimen book for the United States Government Printing Office and under the Fotosetter faces for the Smithsonian is Monotone Gothic.
Certainly a nice face, maybe a mix between extended versions of Akzi Grotesk, News Goth etc.
A month or so later I was flipping through GQ at the store and noticed what appears to be the same face. A custom job? Maybe.
Does this ring a bell with anyone?


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It is nice. FontShop's FontBook calls it a Berthold
BQ face, designed by Benton in 1908. I don't see
it available at One could
assume that FontShop offers it at*

For those who want to see what Monotone looks like
it could be best described as a face between Trade
Gothic and Trade Gothic Extended. Sort of a Trade
Gothic Semi-Wide.


*But I refuse to check. They've redesigned the site
and added all the fonts they sell, but it's in complete
disarray. Hopefully it's still under development,
because at this rate it's lightyears behind
which is fast, clear, and lacks silly frames.


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You're right, it is in the FF book.
But the website... wow.
A very scary place.
Thanks for your help.


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I see Monotone Gothic in Berthold Catalogue 1989 but not in earlier 1985 book.

I like this font and highlight it on searches in the specimen book every few years.

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Curious like a cat, Userone ("big user" in Italian), eh eh, "Volume Control" is cool.

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If someone wants to post it's German name I'll poke around for it in ”Das Haus Berthold” on Tuesday, and check ”100 Jahre Berthold” when I'm at the big library later this month.

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AS - The font has 3 letters!
I appreciate your Bibliographies - I did something similar at my project a long time ago! I have bought a few 'evil' type books since!

jpad - see image Scan is from my Berthold catalogue 1989. (motter alustyle is nice isn't it?) Good luck in your investigations.

You can tell by 8 different letters that this font is worth hunting down for a full look.

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