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Hey Forum,

I'm doing an identity-program for a firm specialized in speaks and radio-ads.

They required a pay-off attached to the logo.

Some opinions please...



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Overall, I like it, especially the visual trademark, which looks dynamic and conveys the idea of communication... also the green (at least as it looks via the web) has a nice tint.
In terms of the typography, the contrast between impact and speak makes sense, of course, but it looks as if you not only changed the weight of the font but also the size, which is just a tad bit confusing. The change is not big enough to really make a satisfying contrast but noteable enough to make you wonder if there was some mistake. I'd go for the same (optical) size.
The claim Hearing is believing looks as if it has no constructional context with the rest

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I like it.


the 'i' just doesn't seem to fit.

the change in size bothers me a bit too. maybe increase the light face a bit?

I think the tagline face needs a bit more exploration. As it is now, it doesn't seem to be either similar enough or contrasting enough from the logotype face.

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Yep, the i was my first thought. The trouble is in the dot. Try it round or try it with no dot. Yes! No dot, like on the cd sample you provided.


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hmmm yes i agree no dot on the i is a most excellent idea!

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Hey People,

First of all thanks for the support here...
Nitpickin' is nice :o)

Generally I agree on that dot-subject - it's too noteable.

HD> The customer wanted a constrast between "Impact" and "speak" (speak is actually the subbrand) and therefore I decided to do the weight-change to seperate the words... I can see now that the effect is too weak.

The tagline needs also to fit the proportions!
Along with the business-card.


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I like the three column layout on your business card... what point size are you using?

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Although I do like the three column look on the card. I'd also have to ask if you intend to ship a magnifying glass with your card? ;^) Teasing you, but you might need to rethink that point size. Unless of course your card is larger than standard size? I agree with everyone else about the dot above the 'i', as well as Joe's comment about the dots. Perhaps there is anothe way, visually impactful(?), to break the elements apart and jazz up the card a bit more?

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Re: the size change. Don't do it unless there's a very
compelling visual/conceptual reason. Doing it to
emphasize two different words looks amateurish.

At small sizes the smallest dots on your S may
not hold up.

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