UnNamed plain

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Easy to read, unlike my last:
Still thinking of a name. Any suggestions?

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Yes, very readable!

The only thing I can think of is that it has something primary-school, something scripty about it (although not too much). "Primo"?

BTW, I like the "v", but I think the "z" is really too wide. And I'm not sure about the "9". The "a" and "i" are nice, but maybe the "r" needs a pixel less on its right.


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Cool. This look really takes me back to the early
Mac days of NFONTs built into apps and such.
(Oregon Trail, Hypercard shiz)

The spacing on the 'i' is a bit tight when to
the left of letters like the 'l'.

I'd chop off the last pixel on the end of the
'y' and 'g' tail.

Show us the uppercasers!


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how about 'elementaire' or 'elementary'? If I squint I see hints of, dare I say, Trebuchet. I'd like this for my e-mail app. Nice read, easy on these old eyes too.

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Thanks for the comments...
elementary is actually a font. (see it on my website at www.become.co.uk)
These are the capitals...
Matthew Brown
p.s. This is just for legibility, and may steal some from trebuchet- it is one of my favourite sans fonts.

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A name: Feynman Regular
font test

have changed "9" and "z" and "r"

Matthew Brown

*pixel painting since age 10*

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