kinda impact?

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hi there!

i'm not a designer.. but im working with some in a restaurant branding project..

i found this font in the street! and i really love it!

any ideas on what's the name of it??




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I can't find an exact match, but you may get close enough by using an DIN Condensed Medium.

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yep its pretty close..


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Some I like for the first one: Komu (mixing A and B), Bourgeois, Nomad, Solano Gothic, Refrigerator Deluxe, Tempus Gothic Regular, Nicotine, Alfrere Sans.
I also like many Jeff Levine's mainly because they're digitizations of letterings/signages with for the hand-made feeling and even if no /S matches: Canby, Inventory, Route 66, Deerfiled, Lobby Card

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