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We have to make books in InDesign, and the content we receive would be in XML Format and also an RTF file is given with same content, what we do currently is copy and paste the text in InDesign document and start formatting te content accordingly. But we are having huge volumes like more than 6000 pages and similarly we are having 8-12 vilumes, i want to know if we can get the styles directly in InDesign and start working on them.

For eg: we have the below content

1(1) [Short title and commencement]

Here there should be a para created and the number should be bold. I'm really unable to understand how to do it. please help me with this. And also our vendors need the IDML file along with the PDF. please let me know how i can do this.
Also please suggest me some good tutorials regarding this.


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Yes, but it is all custom work. You need to discover the structure panel within InDesign, and the delights of scripting. Maybe hiring a consultant would save you so many hours that in the long run, you'd save a lot money...maybe not.

And no, I'm not offering services, I speak rather as one who has taken advantage of them. Our conversion time for manuscripts dropped dramatically after my business partner did this kind of work.

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