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I wanted to ask if anyone had any clue what the typeface on this version of Scrabble is. I've seen there is already a thread on Scrabble, but it's a different version and the type is completely different. Reminds me a bit of a thick Optima, but it's obviously not that.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Probably it is an exclusive typeface of the manufacturer of the games. Optima is close indeed. You could also have a look at Ocean Sans that will get you reasonably close in some letters.

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I'll look into it, it may very well be an exclusive typeface. Thanks for the suggestion, though. It's very similar and might work for me.

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Another with some similar features, Globe Gothic

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and another close similar:
Signata BQ (Medium) by Berthold

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A thick & thin redesign of the boxy monoline letters. I wonder when they did this. Might be some press info from the time the new letters were released.
For zoom pix of each letter see
The new letters are on all sorts of things:
Coffee cup, with high resolution zoom of various letters

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