Recomendations for visiting Zurich

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I will be in Zurich for 2 weeks this coming Sunday and I was wondering if anyone here had any recommendations? Good book shops (1st/2nd/antique, anything) or any good galleries, just anything you think is good and worth seeing.

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Two weeks? Well, one thing you could do is visit Geneva, which I personally prefer.


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If you’re interested in poster graphics, you should check out the Plakatsammlung (Poster Collection), although it seems they are in limited service these days.

There are some great museums and galleries in Zurich (and even more in Basel, which is an hour away).
If you want some printing/type/book-historical background I highly recommend the Swiss museum of paper, type and printing, which is in Basel:

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Nina, is that museum with all the incredible medieval arms and armor in Zurich or Geneva? It's been so many years, I forget. It's my favorite museum in the world.


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Wha? That sounds cool, and I have no idea. Was it a historical museum?

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Hrant, do you mean the Arms & Militeria Collection at the National Museum?

I enjoyed Zurich a great deal but visiting with my father we spent a great deal of time in places he had hung out in when he lived there aged 18-20, which is to say we sampled a great deal of beer and food. I did manage to get him over to the Design Museum, which was cool and does have at least one typographic exhibition coming up.

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Karl, that sounds like it! It was super impressive (and free). I remember getting my wife to take a picture of me grasping a halberd, and 5 seconds later the security guy showed up...


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Buchhandlung Kunstgriff, Limmatstrasse 270, between Limmatplatz and Escher-Wyss-Platz

Sphères (combination bookstore and bar/café), Hardturmstrasse 66, west of Escher-Wyss-Platz

Buchhandlung sec52, Josefstrasse 52, between train station and Limmatplatz

Culture / Clubs / Books / Art / Meals:
A list of suggestions intended for students of the Zurich university of the arts:

Museums and exhibits:
The Rietberg museum has a lovely garden

Museum Haus Konstuktiv

Poetry will be made by all

A list of second-hand stores and thrift shops in Zurich:

Design stores:
There is a yearly design weekend in May. The website has the addresses of stores, designers, cafés, and establishments who participate:

Vintage furniture and accessories:

Shop with household objects selected for design quality:

Design furniture and objects:

Vegetarian restaurant with buffet:

Garage-style restaurant:


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