Extended/ thin Tuscan face

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Hi all, I'm currently looking for a Tuscan typeface that's either extended or thin. All of the searches I've had only brings up standard tuscan fonts. Any suggestion/recommendations would be HIGHLY appreciated. :)


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Maybe Corki Tuscan/rounded will work for you?:

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nice! i was looking for horizontal-extended though. I may have to just rock out with a extended slab serif and add the decor to the face....was kind of hoping to stumble across a face that had those characteristics. thanks for the link.

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Vertical extended. Antique Tuscan No.9, an early wood-type design by William Hamilton Page 1869 digitized by HiH Retrofonts
Gothic Tuscan 9 by Wooden Type Fonts
Also a somewhat thin Tuscan, Cowboy Serenade by Font Mesa
As well as another thin wood type, Slinger by Canada Type


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@Donshottype thanks man!! those are some cool references. I'm beginning to think that a thin, extended/expanded tuscan face is going to be the holy grail of my searches :P or I may have to pull out fontographer and create something. thanks a mil for the references though!

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What about Bery Tuscan or is that too decorative?

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You're welcome Lucious. If you are going to make a thin, extra wide Tuscan face you might start with Iza W's Bruce Double Pica from Intellecta, which is almost a monoline:
The digitization is somewhat rough, but nothing that can't be fixed.

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