Requesting some advices on Simoncini Garamond, similar fonts and IPA characters.

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Hi! Ciao!

I am interested in "Simoncini Garamond" font family (mainly because it is similar to the custom font used by Italian publisher Einaudi.
I have a few questions for you. ;-)

– Which is the best version in circulation of this typeface (Adobe, Linotype, ...) and where you advise me to buy it (,, ...)?
– Do you know of interesting variations? (I like the "tall, rangy and delicate" design of this font).
– None of the versions of which I am aware integrates IPA phonetic characters: you confirm this? :-(

Thank you!

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All I know is that its promotional text is some tragicomic apologism of it being not a Garamond, but a Jannon.


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Hi Mirko,

the best available digital version is Garamond Simoncini EF by Elsner and Flake (previously in the Scangraphic catalogue), which mantains the typical inktraps feature of the original metal typeface and has - as a separate font - the small caps and old style figures, but in the roman only. Unfortunately, the old style figures aren't particulary well spaced. The other versions - commonly named "Simoncini Garamond" - are lighter. Einaudi's typeface (now named "Einaudi Garamond") is a completely different face, and, as you perhaps already know, is not available commercially. And yes, I confirm that the phonetic glyphs are not included in any of its version.

Here is the page of Garamond Simoncini at EF's site:

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Hi! Thank you!

Yes, I know that Einaudi's font is not available commercially :-( ...and –reading discussions about it– I knew the "Simoncini Garamond", that would seem the "most similar" in circulation (I dont own it, so I can not verify).

As for the IPA symbols –if there are no similar fonts that contain them– I think I'll have to draw (or commission) those I need (italian phonemes).


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I sent you an email through your profile's contact tab – did you receive it?


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Yes, thanks, I've just answered.

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