Best logos?

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I'm working on a project and I'd like to know what you all would cite as the best examples of recent logotypes (and of course why).

Thanks in advance.

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You're thinking of Marks of Excellence by Per Mollerup. Great book.

I'm looking specifically for the very latest examples of typographic logos. Preferably those which are, heretofore, unpublished.

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I was going through one of my collections of gifs and jpgs I've taken from sites in the past year(s) and thought this would be a good contribution. I can't remeber where I got it from (either the designers site or the company's site).

The designer has taken into consideration of how tech. will be applied to its application and taken it to the next level.

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Christopher - you might have already seen
Logo Lounge...2000 International Identities by
Leading Designers.

It's excellent. It's the only logo book
i've ever purchased and one of the
best i've seen in a while.


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Incidentally, Brian Sooy's Typecon 2002
logo is included.

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I do have the logolounge book, and am familar with their site, thanks.

I'm looking for examples that you all may have encountered first hand - logos that struck you for one reason or another, but not necessarily those which have been featured or honored by others. Secret gems that quitely go about their work without the attention of mainstream design media.


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You might try LosLogos. Not everyone is typographicly correct

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