How to make sharp headlines in Photoshop ??

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Hey people,

Does anybody know how to make those sharp text-headlines in Photoshop ??
I normally use smooth but still I'm still not satisfied...

I need to get them clear and sharp!

Please share some thoughts here...


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Hkrrm.. my fault!

Perhaps I should mention that I was refering to the sharpness of web-headlines - jpgs or gif!

Look here for instance
The text-graphics are so clear and strong!

Thanks again,

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the graphics you're admiring are in .png file format - a lossless web compression; i'm guessing that's why the text looks so good on the web. info:

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Hey Andrea,
It's not quite what I'm looking for...

I would like to render the text in Photoshop - the compression is a different thing :-)

I've tried different render-options in the text-palette but it's not really computing...


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You'll never get sharp text in photoshop. You'll never get sharp downsamples on images either. Try Macromedia's fireworks. The kearning really sucks, but the type is very crisp (the image downsamples too, for that matter). Photoshop just wasn't designed with 72 dpi in mind.

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You could use 'crisp' instead of 'smooth' that would help a bit.

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