Logo Critique for California company

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Hi Typophile friends,

I am currently refreshing the logo to be used on web, pretty much everywhere else. I feel that the weight of type might not match the icon. Currently using Futura bold with Museo slab 500. Should i use two sans serif fonts or keep the two different styles currently?

Also, I was wondering for the web, if I went ahead with the two fonts above would you guys and gals use the same fonts for the web copy (one for headings, the other for paragraph)? Any tips??? Please critique away..

Thanks a ton!

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I would first replace Futura with something not so generic, and expressive of "home security".


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> Should i use two sans serif fonts

Different weights or styles from the same family might be fine, but two entirely different sans serifs in the same logo could look weird.

To me, Futura's circular shapes goes well with the round icon, but using all lower case (which I usually like in a logo) may be a tad casual for a security firm. You might experiment with all caps or a cap "I".

"Home security" will become very tiny if the logo is reproduced small.

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I think this is a very nice logo. I did not like the "e", "a" couple though. "e" looks thin and interrupts the flow.

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If you mirror the icon, you'll get a (better) "i" in there ;)

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Please reconsider this logo. One can pretty easily make an unfortunate interpretation of that design.

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Cuttlefish, what are you seeing in this icon? I probably can't unsee it once I do, but right now I'm not seeing anything other than a lock.

I also agree the /e interrupts the flow. The lowercase /i possibly makes the logo too casual for a security firm, but perhaps the concept of the /i in the lock icon will be lost on you then. I guess you will have to try a few different things out.

I can say however that it generally goes against my philosophy to use a typeface for a logo which is already in overuse. There are exceptions to this, but essentially a logo needs to be unique, and I don't think you do that by selecting the most popular/overused typefaces there are. The rounded shapes do match well with the icon though, so I would look for other sans serifs with the same kind of shapes.

Maybe shorter ascenders will work nicely as well. It would make the type more compact so you have more vertical space to fill, which might fix the weight issue you're having (which is rather a color issue I think) and allows you to set the slogan at a bigger point size. I guess you shouldn't be afraid to use a bit more space horizontally as well, otherwise you will have to use a condensed type for the slogan, which is probably not smart.

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