Sacrílega PX

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Hi, my name is Paco Aguayo
I live in Guadalajara, Mexico.

I have done a screen font
wich i would like to be criticized.

check it at


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That's some cool stuff. The lower case "N" seems to stand out because it looks capital.

The font reminds me of Platelet, for some reason, not that I'm saying there is a derivation.

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This font was inspired most in Peignot and a typeface designed by Hrant Papazian (wich name i do not remember) wich idea was to increase legibility by increasing the diferences between pairs of letters.

And the "n"... mmm... the font that Hrant designed used a "n" like capital...

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Any coments please?

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i like the 'personality' of this font...

and the way to test its variations is also very nice...

i think that lc h is too similar to lc k; maybe you should try another shape to make them more distinctive...

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Paco, the font you're talking about was more "conceptual" than practical (I've never given a copy to anybody), and it goes by the name of MasLucida - it started from the outlines of Lucida - because Lucida has the "essential" forms I needed.

It's great to see the idea used like this, especially in a bitmap font! BTW, your lc "e" (in your large outline sample) is one of the most powerful glyphs I've seen in a while.


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Thanks a lot for the comments,

Grilo, let me work in some other variations, as soon as i have them done, i will post here the results.

Hrant, thanks for your comments, the large outline sample it's another font in progress that will be posted here soon to be criticized, called Sacrílega Plus (Sacrilege) i want it to be for text setting... so there will be a lot to criticize, and to learn.

Thanks a lot.

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Its so cool, i think i'm in love. Can you lay out all the letters for us to see? Hrant, do you have a link to the font referenced?

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But remember: MasLucida is not a font, it's a set of structures.

Bonus - the conflict diagram:


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{Private message - sorry}

Paco, your email addresses are not working.
Could you please get in touch with me?


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