Suggestions for a carved, industrial serif for text.

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Hi Team!

I would really appreciate your advice. My client is looking for a body copy face that that gives a sense of being 'carved' on the page. She's looking for a sense of ancient.

Further, she described it as kind of industrial, elegant...not a warm, personal, intimate feeling, but more industrial, with a sense of iron...but not too austere...

For chapter headers she's liking Goudy Trajan, but personally, I think its tired so we're looking for a replacement for that as well.

The book contains poetry, so for the most part, the text will not be dense on the page.

Here's her current choice, of which I was no part. Any ideas?

Thank you!

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Very subjective criteria for the body text. I hesitate make suggestions based on them and I trust you are familiar with the common candidates. A less known prospect might be Aragon by Canada Type Or you might browse through some of the suggestions recently posted in the long running thread Best Serif Ever
As for the Trajan replacement, one possibility that I like is Centaur, an elegant font with a sculptural feeling

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Thank you, Don! I know what you mean about that criteria. That's why this is driving me nuts. I have no idea.

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What about Perpetua?


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here are my suggestions for a serif, not very "industrial" but perhaps with that sense of "carving" sturdiness you're after:


MVB Verdigis


Kis Antiqua Now

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You're welcome Michael.
Here is one with "crisp angularity and wedge-shaped serifs" that "appears carved in stone."
Trump Mediaeval [i.e. oldstyle]:

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You guys are so helpful and generous with your time. Thank you!

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