Fonts with cap-height lowercase alternates

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I'm looking for fonts (similar to H&FJ's Cyclone) that feature cap-height lowercase alternates, as shown here:

If the fonts are stylistically different to Cyclone, but still feature the cap-height lowercase alternates, I'd still like to hear about them. I'm not at all fussed about the inline-style that Cyclone happens to feature.

Apologies if wrong section.


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This type of font is called unicase. Here is an assortment at myfonts:
Google "fonts unicase" and you will find more at the "free" sites -- some legitimate & others pirated.

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Some I like: Droid, Gala, Social Gothic, Trump Gothic Pro, Los Alamos, Attentica 4F (actually, many fonts by 4th February Sergiy Tkachenko have a unicase treatment, sometimes trough OpenType features), Wagner Grotesk

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Ahh 'unicase', perfect, thank you both!

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