Hand Lettering & Copyrights

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I'm practicing hand lettering and have come across some fonts I like while browsing font stores on the web.
If I look at these fonts and draw them free hand with just a pencil and paper, am I infringing on the font's copyright?
I plan on selling the finished piece I create.

I am NOT printing the font and tracing over it. I am NOT tracing over an image of the font in Illustrator.
However, I AM looking at the font and free-hand drawing it.

Once I'm finished looking at the font and free-hand drawing it (NOT TRACING), it looks very similar but IS NOT an exact copy.
I feel my hand drawn version of the font is not an exact copy but does closely mimic the original font.
Again, I AM NOT TRACING, I am free-hand drawing while looking at the font to imperfectly replicate it.

I'm just starting out hand lettering, can anyone help steer me in the right direction?

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There are several things to think about, one being the origin of the font. Is it European or American? The laws differ. Another one: is it protected by Design Patent in the US? Some fonts are.
There just aren't any general answers.

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I'm fairly certain that's legal in the US and probably in most countries. For a bit more artist integrity and to help further your own understanding and skill, it would make sense for you to use that as a start, but embellish upon it so the the piece of finished lettering doesn't end up looking like a mediocre drawing of a font. If it's a well known font you should consider going even further in your interpretation as anyone would easily realize its a copy.

Generally speaking its considered OK for people to mimic another person's work for learning purposes, but not to copy and display as their own. Doing this with a published font falls somewhere slightly out of that parameter, but is probably within legal limits.

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Mark, why not just license the font. As an artist you understand the effort that goes into creating a work like this. The license fee (say $10 to $30) seems reasonable if you plan to profit from the font, even if it's not legally required? This is more of an ethical question rather than a legal question, no?

Cheers, Si

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