Swiss Geometric Sans Serif

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Hi !

I need suggestions for a swiss looking, geometric, sans-serif typeface:

-Not TOO friendly like Brandon grotesque,
-More modern looking than Futura,
-The lowercase "a" has to be like the "a" from Futura,
-Preferably "o"s like perfect circles.

I really like "GT Walsheim" but I don't like the shape of the G and I want something just a little bit stronger.

Thank you!!

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Thank you for your suggestion. A little bit too rigid for my project. The squares on top of the "i"s won't work either.

I think I just need alternates to GT Walsheim actually!

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Hi Ju, too bad you dislike the G in our Walsheim. Just wanted to note that our EULA allows alterations to fonts as long as you keep them to yourself – or you could of course request a customized version from us if the project budget allows for that.

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Thank you for the information. I unfortunately don't think the budget will allow customized typography. Walsheim was a great discovery for me and I hope I can use it in a future project.

Thank you. I think this is very close to what I am looking for. I wonder if I could find something just a bit more unique. It is a project for a high end luxury-fashion client.

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In any case, hooray for EULAs that allow modification!


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Any other suggestions ?

Could someone please tell me what this font is ?

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What about Sofia Pro?

There is also a list at Fontshop with Futura alternatives.

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thank you. :)

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