block-ish font similar to linotype killer and namino

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I'm looking for this font. It's my dad's company's logo and I'm trying to figure out what the original font used is so I can use it to create other headers for his website... the logo was made at least 10 or 15 years ago.. it looks like linotype killer and namino but not exactly.. I tried Identifont to search by appearance and by similarity but no luck. Also tried but no luck. It COULD be a custom font? But I highly doubt the original designer would've went through all that trouble because I have reason to believe it might have been made as a favor for my dad or done very cheaply.

Any help appreciated! And Thanks!

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BTW I forgot to mention that the logo also has an arabic version... you can check it out here.. Just in case that is useful in any way. Regards!

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I can't find an exact match, but it could be based on Low Gun Screen Condensed Italic by Daniel Zadorozny (Iconian Fonts, 2007, Free for personal use)

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Oh waw interesting.. that IS very similar.. Thanks for the tip fvilanakis!

btw I was talking to my dad and he said they've had that logo since 1983! I'm going to look into it some more.. Thanks again for the help :)

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