(x) Mark Ryden - Times New Roman {anon}

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Any assistance with identifying this typeface would be greatly appreciated!

Mark Ryden

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The TNR I have here (OpenType version that came with WinXP) is a perfect match.

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Matt, I think the nature of low-res printers is such that any type you print often comes out a little heavier than it would be coming out of an imagesetter, though there are different versions of Times/Times New Roman out there.

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Thanks for the quick input! That looks good.

Even before I posted I tried the Times New Roman on my machine which looked a bit heavier than the sample above. Maybe I have a poor version of that typeface. I'll check it again.

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I wasn't printing... the final art will be for the web. The preview didn't look close... again it looked real heavy but I may have inadvertently had some text settings that changed the weight.

I'll have to check it out tonight on my home computer.

Thanks for all the input everyone.

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Looks like Times New Roman.

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