Squarish slab serif font?

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First time here on Typofile, but Acrobat, Identifont, and Whatthefont are not helping me here. I need to find the slab serif font in this flyer - I know, it's different weights and compressions here, but it looks like the same font.

Bonus points for anyone who knows the script font and that super-compressed art deco-y font that's also used.


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"51" is Niagara Engraved
while "anual dinner" is Niagara Solid both by Tobias Frere-Jones (Font Bureau, 1994)
"Final" is Snell Roundhand Script by Matthew Carter (1966) available from Adobe, Linotype, Bitstream, Paratype

I can't find a exact match for your slab, but the overall design looks very close to United Serif (Bold) by House Industries.
Unfortunately United Serif is square and not round, otherwise it could be a very good substitute.

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I dug a little further and found at least a close match in Quadon Bold, or maybe Alianza Slab.

Funnily enough, I thought of it as looking like a slab serif version of Eurostile, and I did find a font called SD Eurostile Elite, but it seems to be only available in one variation, and the site for the original designer (not Aldo Novarese - it's an unofficial thing) seems to have vanished.

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The slab is Vitesse by Hoefler & Frere-Jones.

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